Vehicle Calibration

Enabling calibration allows you to get more accurate results. In general, if calibrated correctly you should be getting close and consistent results.

The calibration process requires you to record Fill-up information; meaning you will need to provide information (odometer reading & gas) when you fill-up your tank. This process may take some time, specially if you cycle though a full tank.

The recommended calibration process is as follows:

  • A – Without calibration enabled, drive your vehicle normally. If you have a consistent commute you will notice your trip average is pretty consistent as well. Regardless of this number being too high or low, take note of this number (a better option would be using your Historic Average after several trips). You will then need to input this number on Preferences > Inaccurate Result.
  • B – When you go to the pump for the first time (using the app), record your odometer’s reading and input this number on Preferences > 1st Fill -up Odometer Reading 
  • C – The next time (second) you to the pump you will need to record your odometer reading again and the amount of fuel required to fill the tank and input them accordingly on Preferences > 2nd Fill-up Odometer Reading and Preferences > Fill-up Gallons/Liters.
  • D – Finally make sure you enable calibration by checking Enable Calibration. Note: this feature will be completely ignored if you check this option without the fill-up information required.

Please note that calibration is specific to each vehicle. If you switch vehicles you will need to calibrate again. In general it is recommenced you repeat the calibration process every couple of months to ensure it remains accurate.

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