Digital Gauges

The following digital gauges are available:

  • Vehicle Speed – Shows your current speed in real-time.
  • Engine Load – Measures how hard the engine is working (0-100%).
  • Throttle Position – Measures the position of the throttle (0-100%).
  • Revolutions – Shows your vehicle’s RPM’s (revolutions per minute) in real-time.
  • Engine Runtime – Shows how many minutes since the engine started running in real-time.
  • Coolant Temperature – Shows you engine’s coolant temperature in real-time.
  • Green Driving – Show’s what percentage of your trip you’ve driven in your Eco Meter’s Green Zone.
  • Historic Average – This shows your average of trip averages.
  • Instant Economy – Show your instantaneous or current fuel economy in real-time. (0-99)
  • Trip Average Economy – Shows your trip’s economy average in real-time. (0-99)
  • Average Difference – Displays the difference between your current trip average and last trip’s average.
  • Fuel Rate – Displays how much fuel your consuming per hour.
  • Fuel Used – Shows how much fuel you’ve used in your current trip.
  • Trip Distance – Shows the distance you’ve traveled in your current trip.
  • Trip Cost – Displays how much money you’ve spent on your current trip. Requires you to input on price per gallon/liter in your Preferences menu.

Please note that due to size limitations and fonts, not all 15 gauges are available for the top two gauges with the big numbers.

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