Efficiency’s User Interface is composed by ten parts allowing to keep track of all the information you need in a single screen without the need to scroll.


  • #1 refers to the Color Eco Meter. The Eco Meter is just the color changing background (not the big numbers inside). This indicates you wether you are in or out of your green zone in real-time. You can configure your Eco Meter section in the Preferences menu. Go to the Eco Meter page for details on setting up your EcoMeter.
  • #2 refers to the Star Rating System. The Star Rating System is the same as your Green Percent Gauge and indicates what percentage of your trip you have driven inside your Green Zone. Each half of a star represents 10%.
  • #3 to #10 are Configurable Gauges. You can tap on each of these to change to a different gauge. You may use #3 and #4 for gauges you consider more important as they are in a bigger font. Note that #3 and #4 have a more limited number of gauges than the rest of spots b/c of size limitations.

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