Preference Settings

You can access the app preferences by pressing Menu > Preferences. Below is a short description of each setting.

Bluetooth Settings

  • Select Bluetooth Device – Allows you to choose from a list of paired Bluetooth devices or scan for new ones.
  • Turn-off Bluetooth on Exit – If enabled, will turn off Bluetooth automatically when you exit the app. Note: that this will close any other Bluetooth connections that may be running simultaneousness.

Vehicle Calibration

  • Enable Calibration – Enables calibration adjustments. Note that this setting will be ignored if the calibration information below is missing.
  • Inaccurate Result – Required for calibration. This is the place were you would input any unrealistic average result you might be getting without calibration.
  • 1st Fill-up Odometer Reading – Required for calibration. Enter your first odometer reading when you’re at the pump.
  • 2nd Fill-up Odometer Reading – Required for calibration. Enter your second odometer reading when you’re at the pump for the second time.
  • Fill-up Gallons / Liters – Required for calibration. Enter the number of gallons or liters it took to fill the tank.

Eco Meter

  • Base Eco Meter On – Allows you to set what will the Eco Meter (color-changing background) will be based upon.
  • Green Range Minimum – Set the minimum value for your target Green Zone (green color).
  • Green Range Maximum – Set the maximum value for your target Green Zone (green color).
  • Light Blue Warning – Set how many units after falling outside of your green zone as a warning (light-blue color)


  • Select Fuel Type – Allows you to choose what kind of fuel your vehicle is using.
  • Imperial Units – Enables/Disables the use of imperial units. Please note that if you change the units you will most likely need to change your calibration and eco meter settings to be coherent.
  • Speed Adjustment – Allows you to adjust your speed (in KM/h) in case it’s off.
  • Volumetric Efficiency – Used for vehicles without MAF sensors. If you don’t know yours. It’s usually ok to leave the default value.
  • Engine Size – Used for vehicles without MAF sensors. Enter your engine size in liters.
  • Cost per Liter / Gallon – Used by the Trip Cost gauge. Enter the price of one gallon / liter of fuel.
  • Currency Symbol – Used by the Trip Cost gauge. Allows you to enter a currency symbol. A maximum of 3 characters is recommended.

Notification Icon

  • Enable Animated Icon – Enables/Disables animated notification icons while the App is running. The icon can be useful when running other applications simultaneously like Navigation.
  • Set Notification Icon – Sets what the notification icon will be based upon. Green Zone Alert will light on and off depending wether you are in or out you Green Zone. While the rest of option will be displayed as numbers.

Misc / Other

  • Auto-Start – If enabled, will turn on Bluetooth (if off) and start a new Trip automatically.
  • Check Engine on Start – If enabled, the program will scan your car for trouble codes every time you start a new trip.
  • Email Error Log – Allows you to email the error log for debugging.
  • Reset Trip Information – Resets trip information such as your averages and previous scores.

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